Our Company

CANAL AZUL is a video production company specialized in content for movies, television and web content. The company started in 1995 and became known for its productions covering subjects like the environment, nature, extreme sports, history and science.


For more than 15 years our team has been shooting mesmerizing images and telling important stories. We’ve been around the world with Amyr Klink, we’ve dove deep in the seas with Lawrence Wahba, we’ve followed Che Guevara’s footsteps throughout Latin America, we’ve crossed the Amazon just like Levi Strauss trying to reach Brazil’s native tribes and we’ve explored Brazil with Haroldo Palo Jr’s lenses showing the best of our country’s fauna and flora.


There are more than 50 productions between documentaries, series and TV shows developed in partnership with the largest telecoms in Brazil and in the world, such as ESPN, the Discovery Channel, NatGeo, ZDF, Bonne Pioche, Fox, Band, Globo, Globosat, Record and TV Cultura aired in more than 130 countries and in 35 languages.


Since 2009 CANAL AZUL has been working on films that explore Brazil’s national passion: football. So far, we’ve released several movies about some of our nation’s biggest teams – Corinthians, Palmeiras and Santos – and we are currently working with São Paulo and Flamengo on new films. In 2014 we’ve released the official documentary covering Brazil’s national team centennial, a coproduction with NatGeo.


But football is not alone. CANAL AZUL has produced the movie about the 1968 Olympic Games and also the newly released “Golden Girls” that tells the story about Brazil’s first handball world title, both coproductions with ESPN.

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