Fernando Gomes

Fernando Gomes is an artist who graduated from FAAP and started his work in TV in Cultura’s “Bambalalão” as an actor and puppeteer. Since then he has been in some of the most important children’s shows such as “Rá-Tim-Bum”, “X-Tudo”, “Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum” and “Cocoricó”. During his stay in TV Record, he directed the shows “Agente G” and “Eliana&Alegria”. Back in TV Cultura, he directed “Ilha Rá-Tim-Bum”, “Cocoricó”, “Qual é, Bicho?”, “El Mundial y Yo”, “Cocoricó na Cidade”, “Ciranda das Flores”, “TV Cocoricó” and Sesame Street (2011-14). Now, in the ZooMoo channel, he’s responsible for “O Mestre e o Muriqui” and “Hora de Comer”. Beyond the TV screen Fernando directed the movies “As Aventuras na Cidade” and “Cocoricó conta Clássicos”.


Fernando has criated puppets for TV in “Bambalalão”, “X-Tudo”, “Cocoricó”, “Agente G”, “Qual é, Bicho?”, “Mulheres em Desfile”, “Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios”, “Os Trapalhões” and more. In advertising, he has worked with Seara, Lupo, Ford, C&A, Riachuelo, Naldecon and Yakult. In the theater he’s been on “Cocoricó – uma Aventura no teatro”, “Marcelo, Martelo, Marmelo”, “O Gnomo e a Árvore Encantada. And, as a puppeteer, he has been in “Bambalalão”, “X-Tudo”, “Rá-Tim-Bum”, “Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum”, “Agente G”, “Os Trapalhões”, “Cocoricó” and Sesame Street.

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