Kátia Lund


Katia Lund graduated from Brown University and immediately started to work ad co-director in music videos and advertising. Later on, she was hired by Spike Lee to work on the production for Michael Jackson’s videoclip “They don’t care about us”. That experience was decisive to her focusing on movies about poor neighborhoods in Brazil in the attempt to raise social awareness. She worked on the documentary “Notícias de uma Guerra Particular” (News of a Private War) and its success allowed her to direct hip-hop videoclips that granted her several MTV Music Awards. In 2001, Katia was invited by Fernando Meirelles to co-direct “Palace II”. With him, she also co-directed the movie “Cidade de Deus” (City of God) that led to its spin-off “Cidade dos Homens” (City of Men) which continued the story of Palace II. Katia is on the board of the organization “Nós do Cinema” and in 2005 directed the segment “All the Invisible Children”, a multicultured movie about child exploitation that put together amazing talents such as Emir Kusturica, Spike Lee, Ridley Scott and John Woo.

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