Lina Chamie


Born in São Paulo in 1962, Lina Chamie is the daughter of the poet Mario Chamie. When she was a child, she fell in love with music, and studied the clarinet at age 10. She lived for 14 years in the United States where she studied music and philosophy in the University of New York. During the same time she worked at the University’s cinema department and got her master’s degree. Lina worked as a projectionist and, because of her passion for music and images, she went on to became a movie director. She directed several videos and the award-winning short film “Eu Sei que Você Sabe”. “Tônica Dominante” is her first movie that, amongst other awards, won the Kodak Vision Award – WIF – in Los Angeles and the APCA Award for “Best Photography” in 2001.

Her second movie “A Via Láctea” tells an urban story through the streets of São Paulo during rush hour and is stared by Marco Ricca and Alice Braga.


Via Lactea’s screenplay was granted an award in Spain in 2003 having participated in the “Curso de Desarrollo de Proyetos Cinematograficos Ibero-Americanos” in Madrid. Shot in 2005, “Via Láctea” was granted the Casa de América award on “Cine en Construccíon” at San Sebastian, Spain, in 2006.


Beyond her passion for movies and music, Lina carries in her heart a natural poetry brought by her dad since her childhood.


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