Mauro Beting


Mauro Beting was born in São Paulo in 1966. In 1988 he graduated in journalism but also went through 5 years of law school to make sure he really wanted to follow his career as a journalist, which he did.


He worked in TV Bandeirantes from 1987 to 1991 as a producer and TV host, while also covering politics and acting as a music critic for São Paulo’s Folha da Tarde. For two years he hosted a Brasil 2000 radio show with Kid Vinil about alternative rock (1990-91). In 1990 he debuts as a sports columnist in Folha da Tarde and as a professor in FIAM – his alma mater. In the same year he was writing chronicles for Morumbi Shopping’s magazine and had a column about the Economy for a local journal in Mato Grosso.


During the 1990 World Cup Mauro Beting turned his focus to sports and finished his training as a football coach and referee.


From 1991 to 1996, he worked as a radio host and football commenter in Gazeta (1991-96), Radio USP (1991-94), Radio Triannon (2001) and Radio Bandeirantes (since 2003) for which he received ten ACEESP Awards for Best Radio Commenter (the record for the category). Since 2014 Mauro entered the ACEESP’s hall of fame, “Galeria dos Notáveis”.


As a TV host and commenter, he was in TV Gazeta (1991-95), SporTV (1995-97), TV Bandeirantes (1997-2001/2004-13), PSN (2000-01), TV Cultura (2000), TV Record (2002-03), BandSports (2004-13) and TV Esporte Interativo (2007-13), for which he received four ACEESP Awards for Best TV Commenter and was elected Best TV Commenter on UOL by more than 45 thousand votes. Since January 2014 Mauro is one Fox Sports’ hosts.


As a newspaper columnist he worked with Folha da Tarde (1990-2006) and Lance! (since 2006) and was one of the finalists for Comunique-se Award in the written press category for 5 years. In 2013 Mauro won in the written press and online media categories. Before him only one journalist won two awards in the same year.


As a magazine columnist he was in Trivela (2006-08), FutLance! (2008-12) and Foot Ball (2010-11).


As an online columnist he worked with PSN (2000-01), America Online (2002-04), Yahoo! (since 2005) and Cidade do Futebol (since 2008).


As a blogger he worked on Lancenet! (2006).

As a videoblogger, on Yahoo! (2010 – 2012).

As an online commenter, on Radio Lance! and Lance! TV (2008).


Mauro has 15 published books, 12 of which are about football, 1 about sports journalism, 1 audiobook and 1 biography, which was Brazil’s best seller for two weeks at the time of its release.


He was one of the writers and directors of the series about Brazil’s national team’s centennial “100 Anos De Seleção Brasileira”, that aired on National Geographic and Fox Sports in 2014.


He also co-wrote and co-directed two movies about one of Brazil’s main teams, Palmeiras: “12 de Junho de 1993 – o dia da paixão palmeirense” and “O Campeão do Século”.


Mauro is the author of over 50 preambles and introductions for books about Journalism, Sports Journalism and football. Most of them related to another of Brazil’s main teams, Corinthians.


He hosts lectures and sports and journalism events, is a curator for CBF’s museum and for the exhibit “Quatro Copas e um Rei”, of the Pele Museum. He is one of the commenters in the game Pro Evolution Soccer since 2011, with names like Silvio Luiz and produces a YouTube channel about football and comedy.


Mauro Beting is the grandson, nephew and cousin of great journalists, the father of Luca and Gabriel, godfather of Ricardo, Luigi and Manoela, who he hopes will not follow the family tradition in journalism.

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