Alternative Energy

Project Description

2006, documentary, 52’, HD

A Canal Azul production

Directed by: Pierre-Olivier François and Lygia Barbosa

Executive Producer: Ricardo Aidar

Co-production: Interscience Film

Aired on ARTE, ZDF and TVE Brasil


John Ford predicted that ethanol would be the energy source of the future in the Automobile Era. Because of the boom in the pretol prices, the world has finally found alternative energy sources so we can lower our world dependence on fossil fuel. The documentary focuses on the Brazilian scene, pioneer in the alcohol production since de 70’s. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of ethanol in the country and in the world? What are the economic, social and environmental reflexes of that use? The documentary answers those and more questions while showing the steps in the production of ethanol, the evolution of the sugar cane genetic and the development of new car engines.

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