Stories of Nature

Project Description

2000, series, 2 x 52’, digital Betacam

A Canal Azul production

Directed by: Lawrence Wahba and Haroldo Palo Jr

Executive Producer: Ricardo Aidar, Marcelo B. Pereira, Michael Stedman and Neil Harraway

Co-production: NHNZ

Aired on GNT, France 5 and the Discovery Chanel (in over 25 countries)


The series presents one of Brazil’s most beautiful landscapes, Pantanal, and its fauna and flora and the changes the area goes through along one-year time. From the monsoons to the drought, the animals and plants transform. From the changes in the animals’ behavior and the changes in the plants colors, the series reveals why this region is considered to be one of the most beautiful and rich of the planet.

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